Robin Haden grew up in a household where music was constantly being played. It was no surprise that Robin discovered a love for music and singing at an early age, as her parents enjoyed and listened to the sounds of Motown.

Although she performed in many musicals, choirs, and stage plays in school and college in Virginia, Robin did not discover her rock 'n roll voice until she moved to Tampa, Florida, and performed in an acoustic rock duo named "Haden and Springs." She then moved on to a rock 'n roll Band named "Crystal Blue" singing and recording original music and covers from the classic rock era. It was with this group where she developed into a true rock singer whose style has been compared to artists such as Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner.
Before making the move to New York City, she performed with the original group "The Thrusters", an alternative rock band based out of Orlando, Florida, that played at many festivals and performed several times at, among other places, the rock 'n roll museum,"The Hard Rock Vault."

But, as most performers merely dream about moving to New York City to take a bite out of the big apple, Robin's dream became a reality when the bright lights beckoned her. She sold everything and drove a moving van to the city of dreams where she is now "ROCKIN" New York City. She has performed with various groups like "Satisfaction Pony" and "Adam Delisi" in Manhattan. But she is always looking for additional projects and studio work.

Although she found a love for rock n roll, she has never lost her love for acting and musical theatre.
She is continuing to pursue her dreams of performing in theatre, and acting for television and film.
And along the way, she has become a professional photographer. You can view her work @ www.rocknrobinphotography.com

She has recently been featured in the short film "Waiting for a Train" with Taukachou Productions, that will be shown at 3 Film Festivals in 2014.


 "Waiting for a Train" trailer: http://waitingforatrainmovie.com/

I mean, If your gonna take a bite of the Big Apple,


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